Chris Jun

Obesity and Stress Infographic



The Causes of Stress and Obesity

Food insecurity has been a growing issue in the United States. However, there is a hidden symptom that lies within this problem, that does not just affect to those who do not eat enough, but also to those who do eat sufficiently— and are considerably malnourished. They consume higher calories than the recommended the average person. Therefore, eating less amount of food while intaking more calories with higher carbs and fats, is causing the obesity epidemic associated with food insecurity. The problem with obesity can lead to other illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, coronary vascular disease, heart attack, stroke, and even cancer. Many of these diseases are caused by the consumption of foods of higher intake with no nutritional value.

As food becomes more affordable, we often eat foods with refined ingredients mixed in with unfiltered chemicals, and seem to lack the proper nutrition we need our bodies to be healthy. These products are often marketed to be very affordable, last-longing, and taste incredibly good that we cannot get enough of. The reason why it taste so darn good is because of the chemical they use in their product to makes our brains want more. "Rising calories intake per capita and the shift toward higher calories and more processed foods have been observed both in developing countries and non-developed country". There has been an increase of urbanization as well as gaining attention for contribution in its shift in diet. The economy has such access to make media, particularly on television or any marketing systems can greatly influence consumers choice.

Unfortunately, this cycle of bad eating habits, addiction to junk foods, and consuming only high on fats and chemicals on a daily basis, affects mostly on low-income households in LA. Low-income neighborhoods have more accessibility to fast-food chains than there is to a grocery market, inevitably causing more unhealthy weight gain. With that being said, fast-food restaurants are becoming much more prominent in the food industry, and enables for consumers to start an unhealthy habit of constantly eating malnourished meals- which is the outcome for obesity in this nation.

Fast food chains are attempting to change slowly when it comes to improving their menu with healthier options, but it is not enough. It states in an article, “In the US it's quite the opposite. Poverty and obesity are joined at the hip in America – strikingly, the 10 poorest and 10 fattest states are almost the same. Obesity may have gone viral in both developing and developed countries but the difference is that the affected groups occupy two opposite ends of the food chain.” The more fast-food chains open in an area of poverty or low-income communities, the more apparent obesity has become.

I want to stand up for fast foods to increase the options for healthier foods. Maybe promote more healthy eating when it comes to advertisements in mass media. To also create social media campaign to benefit of healthy eatings, as well as finding solutions to better the state of mind and/or to release stress, which in result can help increase better choices when it comes to food.